We are a Health Services Company, that has been in business since 2015.  Our company is owned by Nicole Morrison, who is a CLPN with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Family Studies Psychology. We cater to those who need a little help on a daily basis in their homes on the home-care side based out of the Saltillo, MS location. At our Saltillo, MS location Nicole performs body contouring and pain & inflammation relief using Red light and Cryo therapy. We strive for health and caring in the manor of Home-care and Red light body contouring.

Home care is designed to help the elderly and disabled to stay at home and as comfortable as long as possible. We specialize in psychological Elder and Disable care for families on a budget, in the North Mississippi region. We have been a Medicaid Waiver Program participant since 2018.

Red Light and Cryo-therapy contouring sessions are available for all ages 18 and older. This will assist those who want to lose some unwanted adipose tissue from the body, and enhance collagen back into the body for that smooth skin look, including lifts and reductions for face, neck, and breast regions. Red light therapy also helps with pain & inflammation in problem areas. These are performed by Nicole at our Saltillo, MS location. We have multiple forms of payment and credit programs.